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shiek927 asked:

All your work in Mischief is stunning. Do you have any sort of advice or techniques you've learned using it? :)

Aww thank you! Sorry for the late reply, literally just got back home today from two weeks of sight-seeing in Japan :)

For shading it really was all about experimenting with the opacity settings for things like the conte crayons and the highlighters to get smooth blends going and adding subtle color changes since Mischief doesn’t have a quick fix for color alterations like PS.

I think a good way of using Mischief is to block colors in and then color pick and blend them to get a smoother look.

The markers are pretty good at default for line work, just have to choose whatever size you feel comfortable with :)

If there was a specific thing you wanted to know let me know and I can try to focus on that ^^

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